Do It Yourself Home Improvement

e are times when you become idle at home that you are able to see or visualize all the things necessary that could help improve the aesthetics of your home.  Maybe perhaps you can think of the hacks and customizations that will help simply and improve certain areas of your home.  The thing is that there are lots and lots of home improvement ideas out there and many of which are easy to do that you can do these projects yourself easily on your weekend off from work.

When it comes to home improvement, it is usually the aesthetics department that is the target of most homeowners.  The thing is that there are actually other departments you may want to improve on, such as storage, ease of use, or security.  Many of these are actually very easy to do.  While the result may not exactly be aesthetically pleasing, it will nevertheless provide you a sense of fulfillment once you have accomplished them.  Just in case you are looking for something to do with your time, here are a few home improvement projects you can do yourself.

  1. Mason Jar Storage – if you are tinker and have many small bits of items, tools, materials, or parts that you have trouble finding extra space to store, try doing a hanging mason jar storage in your garage area. You can do this by collecting at least five mason jars.  Then, in your garage area, drill holes in a line according to the number of mason jars you have on a garage shelf or bottom part of a suspended cabinet.  Drill a center hole on the Mason jar cover.  Attach the cover to the shelf using a nut and bolt.  Place the parts and other small items inside the jar and then screw the jar onto its cover.  What you have now is a suspended storage space for your small items.
  2. Lubricate Movable Hinges – to make doors glide with ease, door knobs twist with ease, metal gates open with ease, or window hinges swing with ease, try lubricating them with WD40, an eco-friendly and very effective lubricating fluid to allow ease of use of all elements in your home that have swinging hinges.
  3. Install Security Cameras – these days, security is an essential part of any home. Fortunately, security cameras are an effective deterrent to criminals which is why installing some security cameras in your home will make a worthwhile weekend home improvement project.  Fortunately, technology has made it very easy to setup and install surveillance systems which is why you will not have much of a problem doing the installation and setting up yourself.